Who is Homebirth Australia?

HBA is the peak national body for Homebirth in Australia. For over thirty years, HBA has worked to support consumers and midwives who choose homebirth. The organisation is run by volunteers – consumers and midwives.

Homebirth Australia aims to:

  • support the rights of homebirth parents to choose how, where and with whom they give birth.
  • increase public awareness and acceptance of homebirth.
  • provide communication and support to members of Homebirth Australia.
  • provide information to parents planning homebirth.
  • provide information, support and networking to service providers.
  • convene an annual national conference.

If you are interested in having a homebirth and want to contact a private midwife you can find a midwife in your local area here or please contact Homebirth Australia.

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Homebirth Australia Committee 2019/2020

Coordinator – Grace Sweeney

Assistant Coordinator – Elizabeth Murphy

Secretary – Rachele Meredith

Treasurer – Catherine Walker

Assistant Treasurer – Melissa McFarlane

Archivist: Tere Garnon-Williams

Community Support – Sam Rouse

Activism – Amanda Cuylon

Policy – Rachel Reed & Kahlia Sullivan

Social Media – Ann Clarke & Sophie Edwards

Public Officer – Sophie Edwards