Who is Homebirth Australia?

HBA is the peak national body for Homebirth in Australia. For over thirty years, HBA has worked to support consumers and midwives who choose homebirth. The organisation is run by volunteers – consumers and midwives.

Homebirth Australia aims to:

  • support the rights of homebirth parents to choose how, where and with whom they give birth.
  • increase public awareness and acceptance of homebirth.
  • provide communication and support to members of Homebirth Australia.
  • provide information to parents planning homebirth.
  • provide information, support and networking to service providers.
  • convene an annual national conference.

If you are interested in having a homebirth and want to contact a private midwife you can find a midwife in your local area here or please contact Homebirth Australia.

Disclaimer – The information included on this site is for educational purposes only. This website is not a substitute for health and medical advice from a qualified health professional. Users of this website should always seek the advice of a qualified health professional with any questions they have regarding their health or a medical condition.

Homebirth Australia Committee 2018

Coordinator – Clara Domingo
Clara is the mother of three kids, all of them birthed naturally and two of them born at home. With her positive and goal oriented vision, Clara brings her experience and her passion together to help women during one of the most important time of their lives, the transition to motherhood.

Assistant Coordinator – Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth is a midwife of many years and for the past 3 years she has been a homebirth midwife, finally living her dream! Elizabeth is living and working in Central Victoria. She loves being able to practice midwifery in a way that allows her to truly be “with women”. Elizabeth wishes that more women knew how beneficial homebirth is for the whole family.

Treasurer – Amantha McGuinness
Amantha 6
Amantha lives in Sydney with her husband and their three children. A difficult first birth that ended with a caesarean ignited her passion to help women to birth their babies, and led her to becoming a doula and childbirth educator before having two healing homebirths after caesarean.

Amantha has previously volunteered for Homebirth Access Sydney and was the Facebook page Administrator for the Sydney & Central Coast VBAC/NBAC support group for several years. She joined the Homebirth Australia Committee in 2014 as the newsletter editor prior to becoming the Treasurer in 2016. Apart from raising her three children, volunteering and birth advocacy she spends her time running a family business and loves indulging in her creative outlets through painting, belly casting, belly dance and mehndi (henna art).

Secretary – Rachele Meredith

Editor – Hannah Barclay-Wade

Assistant Editor – Tere Garnons-Williams

Membership – Jenny Merrin

Co-opted committee member – Stephanie Mormanis
DSC06198Stephanie is a high school music teacher and private piano teacher from Sydney. She is currently taking some time out from teaching in schools in order to raise her two children, Connor (2.5) and Michaela (3 months). After the planned hospital birth through the midwifery group program resulted in an emergency caesarean section with Stephanie’s first born, she did a lot reading into VBAC’s and decided to homebirth baby number 2. Little did she know at the time what a liberating and lifechanging experience this would be. Stephanie believe’s that every woman is entitled to this empowering experience which is why she has volunteered with Homebirth Australia. 

Website – Melissa McFarlane
melissa headshotMelissa is the mother of four children, three of whom were born at home with a private midwife. She is passionate about homebirth, and wants to ensure that homebirth with a private midwife remains an option for women now and into the future.  She is currently working as a midwife in private practice, and is also the manager of a midwifery, pregnancy and early parenting hub.