Childbirth and the Law Forum

Childbirth and the Law Forum

Who decides how and where a baby is born? Who bears the risks of childbirth? What role do midwives and doctors have in protecting the unborn baby? What legal rights do women have to choose how they give birth? How can we create the best maternity care system possible for Australian women and babies across all settings – hospital, birth centre and home?

The Childbirth and the Law Forum will explore these question. Tickets on sale now.

Venue – Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
Date – Friday 12 October 2012 2pm – 7pm

Keynote speakers are Elizabeth Prochaska, human rights lawyer from Matrix Chambers in London and Dr John Seymour, Adjunct Professor of Law at the Australian National University.

Panel discussions with lawyers, midwives, doctors, ethicists and consumers. Regulation and Rights. Birthing with Risk Factors – VBAC, Twins, Breech – discussion on whether women with risk factors are able to make genuine choices and informed decisions across all settings – hospital, birth centre and home.

Purchase tickets online now. Adults: $130 Students: $80

Visit the event website for more details.

Midwives Workshop – Saturday 13 October 9am – 1pm  $30
– How to navigate the system and still provide woman centred care
– Insurance issues for homebirth midwives and regulation of midwives (and therefore women)

This will be an informal workshop session for midwives and women following the Childbirth and the Law Forum with:

  • Elizabeth Prochaska – UK barrister who advises women and midwives in the UK and Europe including Agnes Gereb (currently under house arrest in Hungary).
  • Rachel Reed – academic and midwife.
  • Associate Professor Hannah Dahlen – academic and midwife.
  • Ann Catchlove – solictor and consumer.

Tickets for the Saturday workshop can be purchased online here. Limited tickets. 

The workshop will be held in Parramatta – venue to be confirmed.
Morning Tea will be provided.